Under Watchful Eyes

They stand still, with crunched up brows, narrow slits for eyes, maybe with tilted head, a most curious look upon their face. It might be enough to say in silence to clue someone watching them that their friend has seen this moment before. The French have a name for the phenomenon of feeling of such experiences – they call it déjà vu.

 Déjà vu literary means “already seen.” These events do occur, but no one is quite sure why. In any case, the matter has more to do with revisiting a moment than reliving it. The fact is a moment is lived only once. However, we only become aware of the event being familiar when it is revisited for some reason. The question is by whom, and why?

The problem is when whoever is orchestrating a visit they can if they wish replay a moment over and over…causing confusion to build and possibly madness in those being viewed. Yes, a moment can be revisited many times – But, why? The question to be asked is whether the revisiting a moment is a concern, or some helpful guide of understanding.

The answer is of course yes to both…yes as there is a reason for these moments to occur to reveal some issue for the viewer…and, yes to give the person viewed the chance to see with a different prospective. The fact remains all moments exist forever. They act as records of our existence on the earth, revealing just who we are as if in some open book.

What if after all has been said and done on this world, we are the watchers? Poise in the hereafter all of history is opened to us…from the beginning to the end…our history as well as the world…all truths are laid open. With every moment opened for visiting – we are allowed to possibly give ourselves some sort of insight, or awakening.

The question is what should one do if they were to recognize someone re-experiencing a moment? The answer is simple. Always allow those experiencing a moment to tell you about it first before you go charging in explaining what they were seeing. Otherwise you only add to the confusion, especially if they recall the very words you share.

Thankfully, the revisiting of any moment does not last long. Quite often they are forgotten no sooner than they end. The calling forth of their occurring is not normally necessary. Unless someone calls attention to something that took place during the moment the experience will remain working behind the scenes within our subconscious.

The revisiting of a moment could happen at anytime especially when something is troubling us. That is the time our subconscious goes to work to solve some issue. Our lives are laid open like some book, one moment placed upon another. What better way to turn our life around, or to even marvel, than taking a good look at past moments.