TeleVu Magazine Part 2

DSCF1562TeleVu Mag – Part 2

Mar: I’m afraid to ask…you were in the hospital?
Stan: Yeah…an emergency…however, when I arrived at the hospital there were no beds. The attendants told me that I had to wait until one came available. Now, it was midnight when I arrived at the hospital.
Mar: Life threatening?
Stan: Yes, I almost died. Thankfully, my doctor arrived shortly thereafter and convinced the hospital that my condition was serious. Less than five minutes later I was whisked up to a bed in the geriatric ward.
Mar: But, you’re a young man…
Stan: It didn’t matter…when you’re ailing…any hospital bed will do.
Mar: Memorable stay?
Stan: The guys in the room were great. But, the conditions were horrible. It was in the middle of the summer, it was hot, there was no AC, the windows didn’t open, I was in the room with three old men, and for the first few days of my stay I existed on lemon jello…what else can I say?
Mar: Oh, no…(laughs)
Stan: Oh, yeah…what’s worse it was a teaching hospital. I was hooked up to all sorts of line and tubes…and, within a week I had the needles moved from one wrist, or arm to another a number of times. Now, you can see my veins are very visible, because I work out. But, the size of my veins didn’t seem to matter to the nurses in training. I quickly began to feel I was a human pin cushion…they kept missing the veins.
Mar: I read your wife’s short story…Here come the Clowns (now a written novel). Can you tell us a little about the Chapel in the country.
Stan: I found this little chapel in the country while I was traveling and playing with a semi-pro traveling team called the Clowns. The season was coming to an end and I knew that my playing days and my hopes of ever playing professional ball was over. I needed time alone. After walking for hours on this dusty backwoods country road I came upon this chapel that was near the roadside, and nestled in some oaks. And, I went in.
Mar: A low point in your life.
Stan: For sure…so, I went in and I was somewhat surprised by the actual size of the building. I had expected to find that the building extended back into the woods. But, to my surprised the room measured about sixteen feet by sixteen feet square.
Mar: Was there furniture in the chapel.
Stan: Yes, there were a couple of rows of folding chairs that faced a small wooden podium. Behind the podium was a rugged wooden cross.
Mar: You were all alone.
Stan: Not for long…once inside, I took a seat in the back row of the folding chairs…a few moments later a group of people entered. One person was an old woman. Seeing me, she stopped and stared at me as if to ask, “who are you?”
Mar: (slowly shakes her head, while snickering.)
Stan: A reverend walked in next and took up a position at the podium. He soon started to speak about a man I never knew. All the while, the old woman kept turning her head to look back at me, probably wondering who I was. The reverend got to a part where he asked if anyone wanted to say a few words about the good…brother, husband and father that had passed away. That’s when the old woman turned around and asked me, “Well?”