The Forgotten Samurai


The Forgotten Samurai is truly an unforgettable tale of honor and courage of many samurai from across the ages who come together to face an evil intent.

A massive tsunami casts a great twelfth century samurai warrior upon the shore of present day Japan. When he awakes, he soon finds himself tossed into chains by Oda Nobunaga’s henchmen. His only crime is he does not want to join the plot to take over the world.

By his strength and courage alone, he has resisted all previous evil attempts that have come against him. Finally, forced to attend this gathering by a great storm he has to choose between becoming a follower of Nobunaga or risk the anger of evil itself.

Only through the forces of nature is this confrontation made possible. The purpose follows the old adage “Evil cannot prevail unless good fails to rise against it.”

Good needed a champion and it chose a forgotten samurai named Rangemura to lead the fight.

His and other honorable samurai join the fight against evil. Along the way they will duel other samurai, as well as other enemies and monsters.

Some of their friends will fall. In an attempt to rescue them they will go as far as to journey to the land of the dead.  Some will be successfully brought back to the world of the living, while others can never return.

The Forgotten Samurai is a fantasy born out of the need for heroes. Name some of your favorite Samurai. More than likely you will find them fighting on either the side of good or bad in this. In learning this, keep heart for those  heroes who start on the side of eveil. Remember it is never so important to know where one begins, but to know how they finish.