Ghosts are Real – part 3A

Ghosts Are Real – part 3A   _DSC6373(written by Stanley Phillips)

Some ghosts go unseen, while others seem to appear going through some normal course of life. Some ghosts can even see you, and may even interact with you. While others, do not actually see you or do not care that you are there.

My dad had an interesting tale to share. Veteran of World War II, he fought the Japanese from 1942 to 1945. He never once spoke of the war. As for his meeting with the specter, he could not wait to share what had taken place.

In the case of my father, he was actually viewing an action that had taken place years before when his apartment did not exist and there was only bare ground beneath the cover of some trees, and not a man-made roof.

That night, two worlds met on the very same spot. Maybe to say two worlds is not be correct on what takes place from time to time. To be more precise think of the many days and actions that occurred throughout existence. The memory or the impression of each event resides where it took place – at times at the very spot where we stand or sit.

My dad had just sat on the couch to enjoy a bowl of ice cream. Slowly, from out of nowhere a chant was faintly heard, that seemed to be coming from all around him. The song or tune was not threatening, but it soon became annoying. My dad had no idea where it was coming from.

That is when the vision of a Native American suddenly appeared in his apartment as he began to dance about the couch. With the bowl of ice cream in his hands, my father began to circle about the couch in an attempt to get away from his visitor.

The visitor never once tried to make contact with my father. As if performing the ceremony he had done a hundred times before he was following the custom of his people as he danced.

This visit was one of many images, events caught on the fabric of time to be view by anyone. The Native American dancer, possibly a medicine man was a willing participant in a ceremony that was as important then as it is today. Not that my father ever considered it, but maybe somewhere along the corridor of time the dancer chose him…not only to view the dance, but also to participate.

Not all Native American dances were conceived for war. The Native American has dances for many events for life. One is to thank the Creator for life, children, as well as good crops. The sad commentary on life today we are taking for granted when we should be grateful

Wherever there are memories there are also visions of the past that will from time to time surface to remind us where we come from. Maybe my father’s friend was such a vision, reminding us we should be thankful for what we have.