Eyes Upon You

Gentoo penguin with baby by hotblack






Photo by hotblack

Eyes Upon You -written by Stanley Phillips

…Here is a little change of pace…

In this time of celebrating of you dad…let us also be aware that someone is watching your every move every day of your life…

To every dad in the world, whether you know it or not someone is watching you. Closely scrutinizing your every move…every word you say, and how you react to everyone that crosses your path.

No matter what you do or say, whether you know it or not you make a difference in each of their lives…for you can be as priceless as anything in their world can. You are special to them no matter who you are. Much of what they hear and see they will carry with them the rest of their lives.

Listening to their thoughts and fears, and about the little occurrences, as well the big moments in their lives, celebrating even the smallest of their successes shows that you care.

Take a moment during your celebration and look at your children, and marvel at them as you see what they are becoming and who they are for they are the true reason for the celebration.

I apologize to every mom in the world for not taking the opportunity to say the same for you. Of course, you know you also make a difference in each of their lives. The process of growing up is hard and takes many years. Still, their development is visible as the days pass under you watchful eye. Through it all, remember they are watching, learning from you as they take parts of you, making it a part of their selves as they grow into mature adults.