Crazy, but true…

Crazy, but True…

On this site I have written about ghosts, both seen and unseen. Also, I have explored the possibility of time travel, and thoughts of the unbelievable. So far, I have not truly delved deeply into the origin of voices from beyond.

One of my favorite stories I wrote and can be found in one of my novels tells of someone receiving a word of knowledge.

The truth is the story is the basis of what happened to me on the evening of October 20, 2004.

To begin with I am very passionate about a lot of things…but, losing and winning is at the top of my list of what raises my blood pressure. As fate would have it for some insane reason I root for the underdog in most cases which makes the matter more pronounced.

As for the 2004 on the evening of October 20, the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox were playing the seventh and deciding game of the American League Championship Series.

Let me be very clear I am not a fan of either teams, but I was well aware of how the Red Sox after losing the first three games of the ALCS clawed their way back to tie the series. I also knew how many times the Sox came close only to lose in the final game of some World Series. In fact, until 2004 they had not won a World Series since 1918.

Of course, the Sox and the Yanks were only playing in the ALCS and not the World Series. However, seeing how hard the Sox had to fight to tie up the series you would think fate was on their side – and who knows that night by my way of thinking if they won that final game maybe they could go all the way and become that year’s World Series Champs.

Then again, I thought maybe fate had other plans. Painfully enough to consider is the idea maybe the Sox were about to learn yet another lesson of how to lose the big one and break a lot of people’s hearts unnecessarily. Frankly, what would have been worse to lose in four games, or lose the seventh game?

In the first inning of the game, the Sox looked like they were about score big. Then tragedy struck as Johnny Damon the Sox centerfielder was thrown out at home. I was so angry I shut off the small TV I was watching and stormed out of the house as I took my dog for a walk. How would I know what would happened next?

No sooner was I outside I began raising my voice to heaven. I was steaming mad. I also began to beg, pleading that Johnny Damon wouldn’t become the goat of the game. Not a lot of time passed before I started to rant and rave, saying it’s not fair the Sox never get to win a World Series.

Then I said the craziest thing. I said, “Just ask Mickey Mantle if he thinks it’s fair.” Before I could say “what am I saying” in my mind’s eye I saw a youthful Mick.” He was smiling. Two great big dimples were raised upon his cheeks. His eyes sparkling as he was a young once more.

The Mick then gazed further up to heaven. Less than a moment later these words began echoing down from above “The Red Sox would win this year’s World Series.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Then the voice continued in saying, “As a confirmation of what I say consider what these three numbers have in common with the Red Sox…18, 86, and 104.”

I then returned to my house just in time to see Johnny Damon lift a ball into the right field stands at Yankee Stadium for a grand slam. From that moment on there was no doubt the Red Sox were going to win that night. As for the Red Sox winning that year’s World Series they did.

Over the next few days, I wrote to the Boston Globe, sent a email to a sports radio show in New York, and even put a post a popular radios shows fan page telling everyone the Red Sox were going to win the World Series that year. Of course no really cared about I what had to say and why should they. The Writers, and Radio Sports talk hosts had the real story the Red Sox had become the first Major League team to ever come back from a three games to none deficit and win any type of series.

As for the three numbers, 18, 86, and 104…they did have a lot in common with the Red Sox – a whole lot.

Before 2004, 1918 was the last time the Red Sox won a World Series – (18)

The closest the Red Sox came to winning a World Series was in 1986 – (86)

1986 was 18 years before 2004 – (86) and (18)

1918 was the Red Sox 18th year in the American League – (18)

2004 was the Red Sox 104th year in the American League – (104)

If you add 86 with 18 you get 104 – (18) (86) and (104)

There are other instances, but you get the idea.

As for Mickey Mantle, I really do believe I saw him up in the sky within my mind’s eye. I did not know it that night…but October 20 the night of the seventh game was the Mick’s birthday.

So that is the story behind “Kiss the Curse Goodbye” which I featured in my novel The Goat, The Babe, and The Maroons.