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Our moments on earth exist forever, as do our every act. Where do moments go once they pass? Do they cease to exist, or do they remain as a testament of our existence?

Under Watchful Eyes

They stand still, with crunched up brows, narrow slits for eyes, maybe with tilted head, a most curious look upon their face. It might be enough to say in silence to clue someone watching them that their friend has seen this moment before. The French have a name for the phenomenon of feeling of such experiences – they call it déjà vu.

 Déjà vu literary means “already seen.” These events do occur, but no one is quite sure why. In any case, the matter has more to do with revisiting a moment than reliving it. The fact is a moment is lived only once. However, we only become aware of the event being familiar when it is revisited for some reason. The question is by whom, and why?

The problem is when whoever is orchestrating a visit they can if they wish replay a moment over and over…causing confusion to build and possibly madness in those being viewed. Yes, a moment can be revisited many times – But, why? The question to be asked is whether the revisiting a moment is a concern, or some helpful guide of understanding.

The answer is of course yes to both…yes as there is a reason for these moments to occur to reveal some issue for the viewer…and, yes to give the person viewed the chance to see with a different prospective. The fact remains all moments exist forever. They act as records of our existence on the earth, revealing just who we are as if in some open book.

What if after all has been said and done on this world, we are the watchers? Poise in the hereafter all of history is opened to us…from the beginning to the end…our history as well as the world…all truths are laid open. With every moment opened for visiting – we are allowed to possibly give ourselves some sort of insight, or awakening.

The question is what should one do if they were to recognize someone re-experiencing a moment? The answer is simple. Always allow those experiencing a moment to tell you about it first before you go charging in explaining what they were seeing. Otherwise you only add to the confusion, especially if they recall the very words you share.

Thankfully, the revisiting of any moment does not last long. Quite often they are forgotten no sooner than they end. The calling forth of their occurring is not normally necessary. Unless someone calls attention to something that took place during the moment the experience will remain working behind the scenes within our subconscious.

The revisiting of a moment could happen at anytime especially when something is troubling us. That is the time our subconscious goes to work to solve some issue. Our lives are laid open like some book, one moment placed upon another. What better way to turn our life around, or to even marvel, than taking a good look at past moments.





Strange – Yet True – and Unbelievable Sports Tales – Part 1

On this site I have written strange- yet true tales about ghosts, both seen and unseen. Also, I have explored the possibility of time travel, and thoughts of the unbelievable. So far, I have not truly delved deeply into the origin of voices from beyond.

I wrote one story which tells of someone receiving a word of knowledge.

The truth is the story is the basis of what happened to me on the evening of October 20, 2004.

To begin with I am very passionate about a lot of things…but, losing and winning is at the top of my list of what raises my blood pressure. As fate would have it for some insane reason I root for the underdog. In most cases this leads to my downfall.

As for the 2004 on the evening of October 20, the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox were playing the seventh and deciding game of the American League Championship Series.

Let me be very clear I am not a fan of either team, but I was well aware of how the Red Sox after losing the first three games of the ALCS clawed their way back to tie the series. I also knew how many times the Sox came close only to lose in the final game of some World Series. In fact, until 2004 they had not won a World Series since 1918.

Of course, the Sox and the Yanks were only playing in the ALCS and not the World Series. However, seeing how hard the Sox had to fight to tie up the series you would think fate was on their side – and who knows that night by my way of thinking if they won that final game maybe they could go all the way and become that year’s World Series Champs.

Then again, I thought maybe fate had other plans. Painfully enough to consider is the idea maybe the Sox were about to learn yet another lesson of how to lose the big one and break a lot of people’s hearts unnecessarily. Frankly, what would have been worse to lose in four games, or lose the seventh game?

In the first inning of the game, the Sox looked like they were about score big. Then tragedy struck.   On a single Johnny Damon was cut down at home.

I was angry. I shut off the TV, and stormed out of the house. How would I know what would happened next?

No sooner was I outside I began raising my voice to heaven. I was steaming mad. I also began to beg, pleading that Johnny Damon wouldn’t become the goat of the game. Not a lot of time passed before I started to rant and rave. I cried out, “It’s not fair.  The Sox haven’t won a World Series in eighty-six years.”

Then I said the craziest thing. I said, “Just ask Mickey Mantle if he thinks it’s fair.” Before I could say “what am I saying” in my mind’s eye I saw a youthful Mick.” He was smiling. Two great big dimples rose up upon his cheeks. His eyes sparkling as he was a young once more.

The Mick then gazed further up to heaven. Less than a moment later these words  began echoing from above, “The Red Sox will win this year’s World Series.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Then the voice continued in saying, “As a confirmation of what I say consider what these three numbers have in common with the Red Sox…18, 86, and 104.”

I then returned to my house just in time to see Johnny Damon at bat at home plate. He hit the next pitch, lifting the ball into the right field stands at Yankee Stadium for a grand slam.   I knew the Red Sox  were going to win that night from that moment on. As for the Red Sox winning that year’s World Series they did. So, my confirmation held true.

The next day after the Red Sox victory in the ALCS  I tried to contact anyone who would listen. I wrote to the Boston Globe, sent a email to a sports radio show in New York. I even put a post on a popular radio show’s fan page. Everyone had to know what I knew that the  Sox were going to win the World Series. Of course no one really cared about I what had to say and why should they. The Writers, and Radio Sports talk hosts had the real story.   The Red Sox  became the first Major League team to come back from a three games deficit to win.

As for the three numbers, 18, 86, and 104…they had a lot in common with the Red Sox – a whole lot.

The Three Numbers:

The last time the Red Sox won a World Series before 2004 was 1918 – (18)

Before 2004, the closest the Red Sox came to winning a World Series was in 1986 – (86)

1986 was 18 years before 2004 – (86) and (18)

The Red Sox 18th season in the American League was in 1918 – (18)

The Red Sox 104th season in the American League was in 2004.   – (104)

If you add 86 with 18 you get 104 – (18) (86) and (104)

There are other instances, but you get the idea.

As for Mickey Mantle, I really do believe I saw him up in the sky within my mind’s eye. I did not know it that night…but October 20 the night of the seventh game was the Mick’s birthday.

So that is the story behind “Kiss the Curse Goodbye” which I featured in my novel The Goat, The Babe, and The Maroons.

The Cubs Win It All!

                                                                                                  Click the book icon to go to Amazon.

“The Cubs Win It All!” – is a revision, which enhances and replaces the original amusing tale presented in the novel “Murphy: Billy Goat Curse.”

In “The Cubs Win It All!” I again take a fantasy approach in explaining how the curse is actually lifted during the fifth game of the 2016 World Series. Thus, the Cubs are given the chance to become Baseball’s World Champions without the curse raising its ugly head.

“The Cubs Win It All!”

Finally the wait is over…after 108 years the Chicago Cubs have been crowned World Series Champs.

What fans around the world do not understand is that this event was never supposed to take place. This only comes about because the curse which was placed upon the team decades ago was miraculously lifted during the fifth game of the series. The scourge in question was simply named; “The Billy Goat Curse” which when unraveled becomes a series of misunderstandings, grudges, and blindness.

Although there are some who believe they know the truth, the individual who was truly scorned was not Billy Sianis, but it was Murphy the Goat. Thus, this is the reason behind the creation of this story.

The Cubs Win IT All!

“The Cubs Win It All!” is a fun packed fantasy for all ages born out of the frustrations of Chicago Cubs fans had over the fact their beloved team had not won a World Series since 1908.

There are many who feel the main reason for the drought was due to the Billy Goat Curse which came to life in 1945.

The so-called curse came to be on October 6, 1945, when Billy Sianis, a well-known Chicago saloon owner brought his pet goat Murphy to the fourth game of that year’s World Series. When asked to remove his goat from Wrigley Field, he was insulted. Upon leaving, he uttered the now infamous words, “Them Cubs, they ain’t gonna win no more.”

When Frain’s army of ushers heard those words, they contributed the curse to Sianis. However, Murphy was the one who actually put the curse on the Cubs. Seeing he was the one who was insulted, it was only natural. Unbeknownst to the Cubs fans, the only way to break the curse was for someone from the Cubs organization to apologize to Murphy personally. Of course, as of 2016, the biggest problem with that happening is Murphy has been dead for many years.

However, in the spirit of “Fair Play,” Murphy the Goat, armed with the gift of speech, is forced to return to Earth to lift the curse. Murphy being very persistent, and annoying, has a stipulation. He will lift the curse only if and when he gets his apology. But, Murphy isn’t the only one with a stipulation. No one is going to allow him back into his reward until he lifts the curse.

In need of earthly assistance, Murphy goes to the Billy Goat Tavern in Chicago in October, 2016. It is here Murphy is to meet a troubled young man named Daniel Talbert who is supposed to assist him in this endeavor.

When they meet Daniel has his own problems. Thus, from the start he has no intention of having a talking goat around especially as the two continue to butt heads. However, his biggest problem is his wife Sara believes he has lost his marbles.

Eventually, Murphy and Daniel come to the realization they must change their ways, and join forces in order to arrive at the happy conclusion for all concern.


3445082392_e163db9d16_s                                                                                                                                                         The Cubs Win it All!

photo credit: <a href=”″>Severed goat head hung from Harry Caray statue at Wrigley Field</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a>


Crossroads-Written by Stan Phillips

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvery road we choose to take in our life leads to some end. Good or bad, these roads are the direction we choose to take. However, think of the roads we choose not to travel. At the time when we approached some crossroad in our journey through life, our eyes were open to choose our destiny.

However, what of the alternative direction we did not choose to take? What adventure did we miss? What of the people we never meet? Think good and hard on that last question.

Whether, or not you want to believe the fact there are lines, and circles in everyone’s life…there are separations of worlds. I am not referring to colors, race, religion, social standing, or even politics. I am referring to the separation of your world from someone else’s. I am writing about the lines where you can only briefly cross to meet someone of another circle. Then, you find yourself hurled back into your world as if attached to some rubber band. This might go to explain alternate worlds…or parallel existences.

Let us go back to that crossroad. If we took the alternate direction, how would our life be different? First off, many of the people we now know…we would never have met. The game changes. We would now belong to a different circle.

The choices we make, determines the people we meet, or do not meet. The circle you belong to is not as big as you might think. Oh, you might know many people. However, how many would you actually count as being close?

Although, there may be a longing to become a part of another circle there are powers invoked here that will not allow it. The reason may be due to parallel worlds, or existences.

Maybe in another world, let’s call it “existence 1”, you actually belong to this other circle. However, because you belong to this other circle in “existence 1”, you are not allowed to remain in that circle for long in “existence 2”. This is done to keep the parallel worlds from colliding into one another, and being destroyed. Thus, an invisible barrier is erected to keep the parallel worlds apart, and to ensure that circles have specific boundaries.

Now, I’m not saying you might not belong to the same circle in parallel worlds. However, something is different between the two parallel worlds. The difference may be as small as how some members of that circle regard you. Although, you belong to that circle, you might be a leader in one…and an outcast in the other. The possible variables are endless, as are the number of parallel experiences. It all comes down to the roads we choose to follow and all the successive roads we turn down.

The question is, does each crossroad represent the chance for another parallel existence. If so, there are an endless number of parallel universes. Think of the combinations of a simple pair of dice. Then, add a third, or fourth, or even more dies…toss them. How many combinations are there then? With each road we take, our circle changes. Just with a simple choice of someone taking a road to the left and go to the right, the two of you might never meet until much later in life…or, never at all. In this case, everything hinges on the choices we and others make, and the directions we choose to follow. These decisions produce our, and their circle.


We Are Never Truly alone…

barn1(1)WE ARE NEVER TRULY ALONE… (written by Stan Phillips)

I believe we are never truly alone…as when we say we’re alone with our thoughts, or when we say we’re the last man standing. Maybe we feel alone at times because we do not see anyone else around to help us out of a bind.

For a moment, release yourself from the knowledge that we are the master of our destiny.

I think when we are faced with some unpleasant moment the answers do not always come from within us, but they also come from beyond ourselves. If you think about it, there is some logic in what I am saying. In these cases, we just do not have the answers so someone had better help.

Now, I for one believe that life goes forever even after we leave this world.

If that is so, just think of all the people that have passed through this world…loved ones, friends…and, even those we have never met but have a stake in what happens to us if the outcome affects someone they care for.

Of course, these souls, guides, guardian angels, or whatever you call them don’t have the powers to control things here on Earth…like wars… feminine…discrimination of any kind, and worldwide devastation…or, any crimes against humanity. They come to us, or are part of us as a reminder.

Considering the thought, they are a part of us. There is also the fact of lineage to consider. The family loved ones that came before us remain as a common reminder of what they brought about. Their wants, joys, and even fears are apart of us. As we are joined in life, so are we joined in death. Each family member that came before us are a part of our lineage. Thus, they are a part of us. So, are their mistakes, and successes that we must come to grips with ourselves. Some of which we must learn to avoid like a plague.

That might explain why some repeat the very same mistake that family members made before them. As the one’s before them found they were trapped by poor decisions, now they too are trapped by making the very same decision. Unless we heed the warning, we are doomed to repeat their mistakes. Thus, we must learn to avoid the traps and take a different path for our life.

On the matter of us being alone, that thought is utterly impossible for me to believe. Do you really think that inspiration comes from us alone? Or, is there someone guiding us if we listen. There is much to consider in sitting alone and just listening to the spirits sent from above.

However, be forewarned about listening to spirits. As there are good and bad deeds in the world, so are there good and bad spirits. As for that thought, that topic will wait for another time to be explored in beyond the norm.

I Believe Everything We Do…

DSCN2934I Believe Everything We Do… (written by Stan Phillips)

I believe everything we do lasts forever…as a testament of our existence…regardless of how mundane or special a moment might be. Yet, maybe there is a little more going on with life’s records than we are willing to grasp.

A little abstract thinking is now required.

Is it possible that we can be living upon more than one place in time creating all the moments that proclaim our existence?

Might we also be in some heavenly place, beyond time, looking down upon every moment of our existence as if it were some movie?

Now, if moments exist forever, consider a particular event in your life. At the very instant, this event took place we were experiencing life. If that moment exists forever, would it not follow that our life in that moment continues to exist?

I believe even though moments pass we still live on every moment we create…existing as a testament of our existence.

Could we then relive a moment numerous times, believing the action was new. We have all had the thought that new surroundings somehow seem all too familiar to us, as if we had been there before.

Well, maybe we have…more thoughts to consider.