About Me

Washington DC-9About Me

My name is Stan Phillips. I’m a writer. I was born  in Glen Cove,  (even though we could never possibly afford to live there – it was just a hospital stay) Long Island, New York.

However, that does not mean much as we moved so many times I can not actually say where I’m from.

I am half Native American (Sioux and Iroquois) from my mother’s side. I still remember her brother, Artie and his Mohawk haircut. I have my father’s blue eyes. He was Polish.

My mom was ashamed of her heritage…for reasons I will never understand. Maybe, it was because she was placed in an orphanage when she very young, along with her seven brothers and sisters (and, what she had to go through). It’s the old story after her father died, grandma could only barely get by taking care of herself.

On November 13, 1988, I married Joan. Our twins, Erin and Richard were born on November 23, 1997. Joan is an Irish Catholic. As for me, I am a Catholic-Baptist-Lutheran-Pentecostal, baptized into each church. That last point in itself is silly for many reasons…just think about it.

Shortly after I was born, my family began moving throughout the United States and Canada. I attended over twenty different schools. Because, my family moved so often I frequently found myself alone with my thoughts.

Thankfully, I made friends easily…accepting people as they were. Sports came in handy. I was not a star in any means, but I played.
In 1975, I traveled with a semi-pro baseball team. The team’s name was the Indianapolis Clowns (formerly of the Negro Leagues). The Negro Leagues had of course disbanded by the time I was with them. The American was beginning to change. By that time, the Clowns were integrated.

I have written over twenty screenplays, along with a number of novels, and TV Pilots. There is probably many people that are wondering why they have never heard of me. Well, the answer is not as easy to explain as you might think. My greatest fear has never been that my stories wouldn’t be accepted, but instead its the thought of when I would be brought in to see a producer and he, or she would ask “Do I have anything else to show them,” I would have nothing else to show them. That is not the case now.

However, there are other reasons for me not turning the corner until now. Please understand I never look back…and wonder what happen to the years. I realize there could be no better time than now to begin my career.