Ghosts are Real – (2 of 4)

A doorGhosts are Real (part 2 of 4) written by Stan Phillips

Cameras can capture a moment, cherished memories. They can also capture the unseen.

For me, it took place a number of years ago. My wife and I were on our November honeymoon on Aruba. Some think it is the perfect getaway…except from November through January…the raining season.

Because of Aruba’s close proximity to the equator, the complex wind patterns that drive hurricanes are limited. This fact, combined with the island’s location to Venezuela the possibility of hurricanes hitting the island head on is remote. However, it does not mean inclement weather does not wreak havoc with vacations on the island during the hurricane months.

As for my story, a lot had to come together to bring about the rendezvous.

Thinking of what had to take place to make my rendezvous possible; I have to begin with hurricanes. As for hurricanes, they have hit the island with little damage…except for November 1877, when a hurricane hit the island head on and leveled it.

We had scheduled a Cancun honeymoon, but a hurricane struck a few days before our wedding. Thus, we quickly changed our plans to honeymoon on Aruba instead. It is after all a wonderful place to vacation under normal settings. As I said a lot had to come about to make my rendezvous possible.

Aruba gets on average 18 inches of rain each year. Most of the yearly rain comes between November and January, which was the time we choose to honeymoon on Aruba. Of course, fate would have it that rain or mist fell every day the entire day through… except for the last few hours before we stepped on the plane to return home. On the last two hours, the sun burned so brightly we both got sunburn.

One morning, while it was not raining, a fine mist and overcast sky greeted us in the new day. Being adventurists, we rented a car and went exploring. Our travels brought us to the far side of the island where we found a natural stone bridge and a partially destroyed stone building near the shore.

Taking out my camera, I took a couple shots of the rock formation. However, the partially destroyed building caught my imagination. In my mind’s eye, I could sense a world of activity going on high along the one full remaining wall. The floor was gone, but somehow I could feel that something invisible was hovering high up against the wall.

I moved as close as I could to snap a number of photos, concentrating my efforts on the walls and what I felt was there. My breathing became heavier as I wanted to get even closer as if being beckoned. However, the spell was soon broken as my wife’s displeasure with what she thought was only foolishness pulled on me to leave. Also I felt an awesome pressure building against my chest as if I was being closed in on. This encouraged me to leave.

Returning to our hotel, I learned that the building was once a fish warehouse. There was even a wooden wharf, where fishing boats docked and fishing men unloaded their daily catch. Storm waves from the 1877 hurricane decimated much of the building, destroying the wharf, leaving the partial shell. The man went on to say a number of people that had taken refuge in the building perished during the storm.

A few days after the vacation, I had my film developed at a cheap 24-hour site. You know the kind that use to sit in the middle of some parking of a small strip mall. Most of the photos I took came out beautifully, even the natural stone bridge. However, strangely, the developer said none of the shots of the warehouse came out.

Oddly, checking the negatives I noted none existed of the warehouse, good or bad. Someone had painstakingly snipped them from the strips of negatives…in one case, a single good negative was by itself.

A year went by before I found one of the photos. They were developed, or at least one of them had. The photo appeared in a psychics’ book. I recognized the photo immediately. I have remained silent until now, not that it would have made a difference then, nor should it now. Today, as then there is a sort of veil over my mind dulling my senses toward the injustice done to me.

Regarding my discovery, I know the psychic was not at fault. In fact, I did not care one way or the other of not having the photo. Somehow, inexplicably, it did not matter. Instantly, I became at peace with the entire episode as if I had played my part of making them known and my job was finished.

As for the photo itself, it showed more than a partially destroyed warehouse. Amazingly, in the photo, along the walls were glowing columns of light. Unseen by the naked eye, the photo revealed them hovering high up on the wall.