Ghosts Are Real…(1 of 4)

SONY DSCGhosts are real…(part 1 of 4) written by Stan Phillips

It’s not to say ghosts, or spirits do not exist. Why, if you believe, we ourselves are spirits…trapped in a shell we call a body. Then when that body corrupts and fails a new world opens to us.

Normally, once released from the body the soul moves on. However, some souls have a reason to remain, or are trapped…some even come back to help us.

As for the ones that have a reason to remain…what could have caused them not to leave? Was it because their life ended much too early…and, they want to finish what they long to do. Or, are they searching for someone, or something?

What of the images imprinted on time that occasionally present themselves to the living? Are they trying to tell us something? Are they trapped between this world and the afterlife and cannot escape, and the torment replays and replays.

No matter what, they vie for our attention. At times, they are playful. Some prove to be even helpful. Maybe, their age at the time of their departure of life has an effect on how they react to the living about them.

Thankfully, I have only had contact with friendly spirits.

Once, when my brother was very young, he had a very large stuffed toy gorilla. At the time, we lived in a very old house. I was about seventeen at the time.

Late one night, everyone in the house was in bed except for me. Just off the hallway was the living room. As I moved down the hallway past the living room, I happened to glance into the room.

The living room was dark, except for the light emanating from the hallway. Stopping, I saw the large stuffed toy gorilla. Beside the stuff toy sat a shadowy figure about the size of young boy. I thought it was my little brother sitting beside the toy. However, it wasn’t him. He had been fast asleep for hours.

As I recall, the shadow appeared to be embracing the toy, and even made it move ever so slightly. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. My eyes soon strained in disbelief. I searched the dark for the light switch. I could have sworn it was on the wall just past the doorway. Finally, I found the switch and flicked it on frantically.

Instantly, the living room’s darkness gave way to the light. I looked back at the gorilla to see the figure.

There, seated beside the toy gorilla was an image of a little boy with big brown lonesome eyes. His face, curved into a saddened expression. The image lasted in the light but a few moments before it slowly vanished.

We moved a few days later, and I never saw the saddened little specter again. (More to come)