Tiny Voices

_DSC1857Tiny Voices – written by  Stan Phillips

Within an empty room, you hear their voices. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a quick glimpse of them before they disappear.

They are always somewhere, not so far away. They were here before us; and this is their world as much as it is ours. Otherwise, there is no difference between us.

They step into an empty room and they hear our voices. Out of the corner of their eye, they catch a quick glimpse of us before we disappear.

They have no understanding of us. In fact, they wonder who or what we are. They tremble of the very thought of us, saying we do not exist. Yet, they hope we stay away.

We are of what legends become. They are the ghostly tales we share. We coexist within the same space, separated by time itself.

No matter where you or I go, someone has been there before. Because I am writing this at this very moment, does not mean I am not somewhere in the future writing some other piece.

Even now as you read this blog, except at the moment of its conception, my thoughts no longer pertain to these lines.

Our actions, and our deeds are eternal. Our yesterdays still exist. At times, we might even catch a glimpse of them…or hear the echoes.

Now, I am not saying ghosts do not exist. However, maybe some of what we deem as spirits is instead us, or someone we knew. Since our deeds last, they can appear at anytime as a reminder of our very existence.

Thus, the next time you hear a tiny voice, or catch something out of the corner of your eye, do not be afraid it might be you or someone you know of some other time.