The possible and the impossible effects of Time Travel…

dales 015The Possible and the impossible effects of Time Travel…                    (written by Stan Phillips)

Arguments for and against time travel, or the good and the bad effects of the event taking place have been waged for many years. Little do we know time travel may be possible due to the intervention of a force of another plane.

Thus, here is another argument for discussion. Although this thought may not be widespread, the threat, or the blessing is real by the simple act of spreading philosophy.

In this case, subjected to the introduction to some wayward thought that when planted would eventually grow to effect not the past but the future some would now be led like sheep by its growing influence.

The purpose is whatever this power wanted. The objective might be as simple as saving a civilization, or leading the nation to its doom. Sadly, it might be as simple as some silly game of “watch and see”.

As if some science experiment, as they watch from their dark world they might even laugh, and say, “Silly humans, watch them run”.

As for the matter of how they could accomplish this treachery, succeed in extending a helping hand, or play…this is an easy task for someone from beyond time itself. The act might be as simple as with this being reaching down from their dimension and plucking someone from some timeline and dropping this poor soul anyone where they like.

Due to this intervention of this newly relocated traveler, eventually new endurable marks appear on time. It is also a certainty it would alter the future of human development, as well as our thought process as the stranger poses new thoughts in our past.

As eras past, the thought permeates through society…quite slowly at first. However, through time’s passing as humanity searched for an alternative belief we would latch on to this thought.

Beings from beyond time…you might ask, is that possible? It is, if you take into account that the further you go away from the Earth time gradually slows. Thus, it is possible there is a world beyond the effects of time itself…where beings exist forever.

Because they experience no time restraints as we do, they are then able to reach down into our world and pretty much do whatever they want to do by using us as their tool.

End of Part 1

Is Travel back in Time Possible?

Dooway to another timeIs Travel back in Time Possible?

Written by Stan Phillips

Time travel to the past might be as simple as stepping through a door at the precise moment a doorway to another time opens. However, when that door swings open, do we risk all that we know by taking a step across the threshold into that other time?

Would we then be free to act and possibly change what we currently know as history?

Would our meddling cause a ripple that would eventually bring an end to what we know?

The answer to these questions is “no”.

We would not be able to change history. In fact, there would be very little we could change in our journey. As in my novel “Reign of Valor”, those that travel back in time to the Alamo were there merely to record the valor of the souls that gave their all to win Texas its Independence.

No time traveler’s interference could keep the Titanic from sinking, or keep the men of the Alamo from dying. No one can change these outcomes. The sinking of the Titanic, as with the fall of the Alamo are fixed points in time.

The most any time traveler can hope to accomplish is to witness, and possibly record what actually took place in some point in time. Although in the case of “Reign of Valor”, the hero of the novel does succeed in creating a rallying cry that brings Texas its Independence sooner this act does not cause an alternate timeline to appear. The action of bringing about Texas’ Independence sooner is a by-product of his bringing about the fuller knowledge of the valor of the men of the Alamo to the point where we now honor the defenders.

Up to our hero’s arrival, the Alamo was a little known note on history. His contribution was limited to recording and proclaiming. He did not meddle with history. He became a part of it and thus was able to hasten along Texas’ Independence.

Of course, if he had changed history, his meddling would not have caused the end of the world. Instead, he would have forced an alternate timeline to appear making him a part of this new timeline. In this case, if that happened, our hero would have failed his mission in his previous timeline in proclaiming the valor of the men of the Alamo.

Furthermore, because he created this alternate reality he would never be able to return to his previous timeline as he now belonged to another timeline. SPOILER ALERT: For our hero, the doorway back to his modern time slammed shut because his mission would take the rest of his life to complete.

Once he realized what he wanted to do with the rest of his life there was no reason for the doorway to remain open for him, or anyone else for that matter. The doorway had served its purpose. The men of the Alamo would now have a place in our hearts.