Everything Out of the Ordinary

ist blog__220140720_20035020140720_20035020140720_200350Everything out of the Ordinary – Written by Stan Phillips

Have you ever questioned why things are the way they are? If not, maybe it is because you do not want to step beyond the norm to learn the how and whys that explain the abnormal occurrences. You feel safe to remain in you little sheltered existence. However, just for a moment consider all the unexplained occurrences that are taking place around you each and every day that do not exactly meet the norm. As with the sudden bump in the night when there is no one around. Or, the familiar face you have never known. These are the unexplained occurrences that I am writing about, and want to share…thus, the reason for this site. I am a “Beyond the Norm” sort of person and my writings follow suit. What else would you expect?